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About Us

Personalized Approach

We are a full service asphalt maintenance company dedicated to providing the highest level of service, and products to satisfy the needs of all our customers. The focus involves starting with talking with you to find out exactly what it is that you need and want, because every job is different. This information is translated to a comprehensive estimate, and finally to completing your job in a neat and timely manner. Customer satisfaction and your recommendation of us to your colleagues, family, and friends is the goal we are tiring to Achieve

We look forward to adding you to our “private” list of satisfied customers

Knowelege and Professionalism 


We realize that when trying to choose the correct company for your needs. It can become difficult, so please feel free to call our office with any concerns or questions that you might have and we will be more than glad to help in any way we can. We can explain to you what possible differences there is between our services and what another company offers. A neat and timely updating to your asphalt is what our clean uniformed workers will provide.


To those whose might, or are selling a home or commercial site remember that enhancing, protecting, restoring, or renewing your asphalt can increase the curb appeal and overall appearance of your property and the value substantially. In fact it can be one of the cheapest curb appeal enhancements that you can make.

Excellence and Comprehensiveness

To achive a level of excellance we offer our services using the best of materials and equipment. Spraying of the sealer and constant hydrilic adjetation is where we set our selves apart. A lot companies don’t invest in the equipment to do the higher quality job that a spray unit provides and most are either hand or no adjetation at all because they are just after the profit. Spraying gives a thicker even coat, and the adjetation keeps the mix  of the solids and liqid cosistant.

We offer a comprehensive approch to your job since we include things that other companies charge extra for. All of our jobs include;

Cleaning out of all cracks

Removing vegetation from the pavement surface

Blowing dust and debris off of the surface to be seal coated

Edging areas where beds or turf make contact with any surfaces to be seal coated

Spraying on a thick even coat of the sealer

Tapeing and or flagging off entrances on to the newly sealed areas

Leaving a sign for the client to show off that they use a Premier company for their Sealcoating and Striping.


Additional service to be coupled with the seal coating of any commercial or retail location would be line striping


Residential line striping of colored basketball keys or batters boxes is offered.

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