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Hot Melt Crack Filling

Any vegetation growing in the pavement cracks is removed with the grazer, which is a edging machine that has a heavy wire brush instead of a blade. Then the other cracks ro remove any of the loose materials are removed to give the filler a firm existing groove to attach to.  Then all of the areas get blown off with a  200+ mph push blower not a 120 mph backpack blower. A tar based product with additives to allow for freeze and thaw flexiability is heated and poured in to the cracks.  This material meets various state and federal department of transportation standards of testing. The hot allows for almost immediately sealcoating since there is no lenghty drying time.      100' of 1/4" by 1/4" crack takes 3 lbs. of material and ½” by ½” takes 12 lbs per 100 ft. Crack filler is $3.25 per lb.

Painted Line Striping

The paint we use from Aexcel or Davies Imperial Coatings is specifically designed for use on asphalt paving and sealcoating. It meets various county, state, and federal department of transportation standards of testing. This is not athletic paint, standard enamel, or a knock off paint labeled as traffic paint that meets no standards of testing, it is a waterborne paint. We can also supply Chlorinated Rubber or an Acrylic if your job requires it. We can provide restriping or a totally different layout to ease your traffic flow issues. Arrows, basketball keys, corporate designs, handicapped zones, letters, numbers, playground designs and traffic warnings are available. You can also have your painted curbs refreshed while we doing your striping as well. 4” lines are $ .18 per foot and curbs are $ .40 per running foot using the waterborne paint.

Pothole Repairs

After preparing the area by removing any loose debris and doing an edge prep either a hot or cold patch is put in place and compacted with a plate compactor not just a hand tamper. Potholes should not be sealcoated for 90 days because it is fresh paving. 2” deep hole repairs are $12.80 per sq. ft. Larger repaired areas are much less per sq.ft.

Recycled Bollard Covers

Here is a great product to reduce maintenance painting of bollards and use a “green” product. GNR offers 56”HDPE bollard covers in 9 colors and in 3 styles to fit 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” bollards.

Recycled Parking Bumpers

Here is a great product to reduce maintenance painting of wheel stops and use a “green” product. GNR offers 6’ and 8’ HDPE black wheel stops are available with blue, white, and yellow stripes on it.


Speed bumps in black 6’ sections that have yellow stripes are also available.

Sealcoating Preperation

All of the projects we do start with edging any areas where turf or landscape beds meet the asphalt pavement, Any vegetation growing in the pavement is removed with the grazer and then all of the areas get blown off with a 200+ mph push blower . Cracks and other damaged areas are then filled or repaired and when completed the sealcoating can begin.

Repair of areas that have “Alligator Skinned” with cracks of greater than ½” is $1.55 per sq. ft. for Gator Mastic.


Prior to applying the Sealcoating any oil or petrochemical spots need to be primed to allow for proper adhesion. Cost is $ 6.90 for each 4’x4’ spot.


Of the 5 different sealcoating formulas we prefer to use the Brewer Poly Cote because of it's noteable features. Brewer Poly Cote was originally developed for use on interstate highway service plazas. It is a refined tar emulsion that has been heavily modified with polymers that give flexibility for freeze and thaws, but also gives it an unsurpassed wear resistance and color retention. Application is done with a spray unit to give a thick even coating. For more information on application methods look in the FAQ section.  Cost is $.12 per sq. ft. for 500 sq. ft. and less and areas larger than 500 sq.ft. are $.08 per sq. ft.  For lots over 15,000 sq. ft. the cost is $.06 per sq.ft..

Any applications that needs to be done after 8 p.m. will have a $ 50 after hours fee to compensate the crew for the long day and being away from their family in the evening.

Traffic and Lot Signs & Posts

Aluminum .080" thick signs of all types and styles providing all types of standard and custom messages are available. The signs can be Federal DOT approved reflective material that can have an average lifespan of 7 years, or just a standard vinyl. Standard traffic U channel post up to 12’ are available with or without bases. They are of course able to be driven into the ground and thru asphalt pavement. They must be cored in or bolted to concrete pavements.

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